At RAPP, we stand up for individuality

We value the richness in people’s wholeness. We know that everyone is at their best when they feel accepted for every facet of their being – recognized for their diversity in every dimension. We embrace that none of us are just one thing – and, in fact, it’s our multitudes that make us powerful, beautiful and brilliant.

We recognize that actions speak louder than words, so, we stand firm in keeping DE&I at the center of our process and our work, fundamentally affecting change for our own organization, the brands we serve and the industry at large. We know there’s magic in amplifying diverse perspectives and celebrating lived experiences - and prove, through our craft, that those points of difference are truly valuable.

We commit to being explicit and open in our conversations, fostering a culture that shines light on diversity, equity and inclusion as the human issues they are – while being gentle with each other’s humanity. And we pledge to empower and enable our people, giving them the safe spaces and tools needed to set them up for success and channel their energy for good.

So bring all of yourself. You’re welcome here.

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We’re creating change, from the inside out

RAPP commits to not only increasing the diversity amongst our people but, just as importantly, ensuring that our processes, culture and environment are inclusive and equitable for all.


These three pillars serve as a north star for all that we do. We call this Empowered DE&I:

A Singular DE&I Vision: accordion arrow

Ensuring that our recruiting efforts are set up to successfully bring the best diverse candidates into our agency. Firmly holding hiring managers and the partners we work with accountable to the DE&I KPIs established for interviewing, vetting and selecting candidates. Uniting our global markets under a singular DE&I vision. Streamlining standards and objectives, so our talent can better collaborate and understand growth opportunities and pathways to success. Creating systems through which the talent we find feels supported and nurtured and wants to stay at RAPP. Facilitating and reporting measurement and holding everyone accountable.

DE&I As A Business Imperative: accordion arrow

Making DE&I not only a talent imperative (proven to enrich the culture and drive innovation) but also a business imperative. Charging leadership with driving this change in culture and practice - considering DE&I in how we bring solutions to our clients, and utilizing our DE&I principles to inform which clients/brands we choose to partner with.

Integrated DE&I: accordion arrow

Giving our people space and time to dedicate energy to DE&I initiatives. Enabling our people to make DE&I a part of our fabric and fostering a culture where stepping up is appreciated and recognized. Evaluating each stage of our internal agency process to ensure that DE&I considerations are a touchpoint throughout. Integrating DE&I more seamlessly and organically into our day-to-day, so it’s an innate piece of how RAPP operates wholly.

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We're celebrating the individuals who help us grow

And we value partners who do the same

We’re proud to lead and partner with some of the most game-changing organizations in our industry and around the world.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice
Brixton Finishing School
Cerebral Palsy Foundation
Courageous Conversation
Creative Equals
Creative Spirit
Crown Act
Human Rights Campaign
Leslie Lohman Museum
Marcus Graham Project
National Urban League
OMC Asian Leaders Circle
OPEN Disability
OPEN Pride
Pride TV Summit


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So, check out what our people have to say about DE&I at RAPP

Actions speak louder than words, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot to say! Check out some of the latest think pieces on the state of DE&I in our industry – and what RAPP’s doing about it.